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Photo From Derbyshire Fox Rescue


- Fox Hunting is a subject most of us have an opinion on. It has come under much debate, & caused immense friction between those wishing to keep it as a Country sport, & those who declare it a blood sport & want to see it banned. Hunt Campaigners see foxes as a menace, killing farmers stock, game & attacking crops & they consider there sport an essential part of Countryside life, helping to keep the fox population down. In their eyes it is not cruel 'blood sport' & it is suggested that hunting dogs kill foxes far quicker than by other controlled means, this being the least cruel method.

Anti-Hunt Campaigners on the other hand, consider that hunting foxes is nothing more than a cruel blood sport enjoyed by the few. They argue that foxes are not the menace, & a number of people feel so strongly about it that they become hunt saboteurs in an attempt to disrupt hunts.

To this end both anti-hunt & pro-hunt lobbies are large in numbers & the feeling is so high that the government find themselves in the middle of a difficult situation, to whatever way they turn.

Friend or Foe

Animations Taken From National Fox Welfare Society Site

This site includes links campainers of both sides. Upon reading through it, your views may have changed, or they may have been re-enforced. Before leaving this site please vote on whether you think fox hunting should be banned or not. You can also add your comments or views on the message board link. I would like your opinion & a healthy debate on views from both sides.

*Please note that some photographs contained in this site & links, you may find disturbing*

Contents - Various sites covering both viewpoints in the Pro/Anti-Hunt Campaigns

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L.C.S.A (Leave Country Sports Alone)

Pro-Hunting Site.

Countryside Alliance

Pro-Hunting Site.

BBC News (fox Hunting)

Impartial View of Pro & Anti Hunt Campaigners.

League Against Cruel Sports

Anti-Hunt Site

Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs

Anti-Hunt Site

Message Board

A place for you to have your say.

Your Vote

Fox Hunting Issues

More Fox Related Links

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The Fox Shop

Some foxy bits for sale

House of CommonsHunting Bill Session 2000-2001.

Committee of Inquiry into Hunting with Dogs in England and Wales The Final Report

India's National Newspaper.

I came across this Indian article on Fox Hunting with a difference



-L.C.S.A (Leave Country Sports Alone) Campaign -

The main link refers to an organisation of Labour Party members & supportors who are part of a pro-hunting campaign. The national organiser of the site is Dianne McDougall. The site relates to members belief that hunting should not be made a criminal offence, under guidelines set down within the site. There is also a bulletin board where personal messages from viewers have been posted from both for & against hunting.

The Fox - This link (which is also on the above site), takes you to the page where these campaign members see the fox as a pest, killing farmers stock & game. They consider their actions necessary in controlling the fox, & that hunting with dogs causes less cruelty than via other controlled methods.

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- Country Alliance -

The Country Alliance is another site that Campaigns to keep country sports. It promotes the Liberty & Livelihood of The Countryside seeks. In the link below the fox is considered a pest, it describes all issues of the fox hunt, the seasons for hunting, questions& answers about fox hunting. It also invites people to go hunting. Hunting Codes of Practice are listed here.

Is The Red Fox - Britain's cuddliest killer?

The above link is a pictorial one of the articles relating to attacks by foxes on farmers stock. Other links within the site cover a news room providing new & old news/press releases. The site also covers details of the Country Alliance Campaign to keep country sports, concerns of country people & other associated material not in connection with fox hunting


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- BBC Fox Hunting News -

The BBC site on fox hunting is an excellent in depth & none biased view in its approach towards pro & anti-hunt campaigners. It covers animal rights groups, hunt saboteurs & Country sport campaigners. It explores some of the issues thrown up by new political moves towards a hunting ban. The site has links to covering many of the debated views, a vast array of information on fox hunting within the U.K

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- League Against Cruel Sports -

A site is aimed at the anti-hunt campaigner. This link is now made the homepage & navigation will have to be made via the site. Just click on Cruel Sports. The site explains in great detail what happens in fox hunting & includes some pictures some may find upsetting. It also covers aspects of cruelty to hunting dogs in particular terriers who are forced into fox holes in training to kill foxes & fox cubs, thus receiving severe injuries themselves. It covers underhand methods used by hunts men by way of 'bagging', where fox is sometimes handicapped by cutting either its feet or leg sinews to ensure it does not escape from the dogs, & man made fox holes to encourage foxes to breed for the hunt.

The site challenges via surveys, that the fox is not a pest, arguing that damage caused by foxes is insignificant. It suggests that other methods that could used to prevent foxes inflicting damage, such as electric fences for example

Other links in the site describe the red fox itself

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- Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs -

This site is one of a number of similar sites (others are linked from here), cleary aimed at the anti-hunting campaign. The site hits back at arguments raised by hunters in their justification of hunts. They identify themselves as a group of like-minded people who regularly take direct non violent action against all forms of bloodsports specifically fox hunting. One may be against fox hunting but nothing more, whislt it is the intention of these members to do something about it. To this end they disrupt hunts which often causes friction between themselves & the hunters. They may be classed as activists, but they state their intention is primarily to save the animals life.

The site states their arguments against fox hunting, & includes fellow saboteur sites, diary of thier activities, detail of 'sabbing, press releases in favour of anti-hunt campaigns. There is also a number of e-mails that have been sent to the site from hunt supporters, which are openly critisized.

(Photograph -Right taken from Page in this site.)

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Finally, I have had some free time to sort this message board out. It's just gone on today (23/10/01) & awaiting your views.. Have fun in your debate.....

From 18/03/2002, all users including current users will need to register with User Name & Password to use this message board for security reasons.


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NEW 12/7/01 This poll is in relation to possible Government plans to ban the hunt. Do they let hunting continue, provided a partial ban such as a hunt season to satisfy both campaigns, or issue a full ban. Have your say.

Fox Hunting
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