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Poll 1: Should Fox Hunting be BANNED (Late August - October 2000)

Thank's for all your votes, I was actually surprised how split it was. Votes 494

261 (52%) wanted it to be banned. 219 (44%) were in favour of keeping fox hunting & 15 (3%) of people were undecided. I think by this, the votes consisted of a good spectrum of both Hunt & Anti Hunt campaigners.

Poll 2 Pro Hunters... The Main Reasons to keep Fox Hunting (November 2000 to Early January 2001)

Amazingly 5611 votes were received, although I did let it run for a lot longer.

It is an enjoyable days event. 4131 (73%), To protect farmers herds & animals. 375 (6%) Foxes are a pest & need controlling 278 (4%), If banned numerous people will be unemployed. 143 (2%), It is part of our countryside heritage 334 (5%), I would accept other methods of control other than fox hunting. 97 (1%), Other: Please leave reasons in Message Board 266 (4%)

I somehow feel that you anti hunters had some involvement in this though eh... Come on come clean. I received an email from Sam, who sums up saying;

Those who are anti-hunting have gone onto the poll and voted 'It is an enjoyable days event', to make the hunters look like bastards who don't care about anything else other than their enjoyment. I just thought you should know this before you analyze the results and say to the public on your website 'Well this clearly shows that hunters are uncaring bastards because they only do it for personal pleasure'.

Good point Sam, I think you may be correct....however on a personal note, I tend to think Hunters do gain personal pleasure from Hunting, or why do it in the first place. Hunters justify their sport on the issues fox control, blaming loss of stock & damage etc caused by foxes, that I don't dispute does occur. I had 4 rabbits killed by foxes a couple of years ago. O.K so not exactly livestock, but it doesn't make me want to go out & kill the foxes responsible.... Just a (slightly biased) thought. Karl